伝統的なギウ (ギー) の作り方

ギー (ネパール語はギウ、Gheu)







ネパールの切手、かき混ぜ棒 Madaniと、木のボトル Theki







Making ghee natural way.Ghee making is a long process, it may take several days to collect the raw ingredient needed to make it.

It is not as simple as to buy butter from the market and make it.For this, every day little by little we collect the cream with little milk, when milk is heated and after cooling, a layer of cream is formed so we collect that.

Next day, again heat fresh milk and collect cream in a bowl, so in this way, we may be able to collect around 200-300gm in a week (if we use 1litre milk every day average).

After this we are ready to prepare ghee. By now the collected cream has turned into a curd, put in a wooden vessel or steel vessel.

Now we will churn the curd with a madani (it’s Nepali utensil) generally long spiky shape or we can use hot chocolate mixer as alternate. After churning around 15-20mins, butter is formed on the surface, strainand collect the butter.

Now put the butter in a thick pan and cook it in a low flame heat, keep stirring time to time. Cook until the butter looks more clear and transparent.

The ghee is ready, strain and keep it in a jar. As to ayurveda, Ghee (clarified butter) is one of the important food to improve good health, immunity power, strength, longevity etc. It can be used as cooking or can be served with bread, chapati, pan etcdirectly.

1 table spoon of ghee a day can bring many changes in your healthy life.

Gives strength to your bones, gives flexibility to muscle joints, digestion improves etc.

Naresh Shrestha

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